Population Movement Web Maps

Web app to display Intermx's complex population movement data in easily-digestable, visually-appealing, dynamic maps.

  • Custom reports and pages, tailored for each client's needs
  • Features written to integrate with their existing codebase
Population Movement Web Maps
Population Movement Web Maps

How We Help

Intermx is a geospatial data provider that supplies predictive dashboards that drive sales and insights for advertisers and the tourism industry. They have hundreds of thousands of demographic data points and we help create tools to allow them to best leverage this data, building a variety of reports and dashboards that get integrated into their core product. Their data and requirements are constantly changing-- we work closely with their core development team, designers, and data analysts to improve and iterate on a weekly basis.


  • Thousands of data points with viewshed and detailed attributes are all shown at once on a map.
  • New features are written to integrate with their existing codebase, expanding their development capacity without adding complexity.
  • "Look and feel" mirrors their existing UI for seamless integration.
  • URL-based sharing capabilities and custom pages provide Intermx with everything they need to generate tailored reports for their clients with ease.