Who We Are

We build software solutions for individuals, businesses, and public entities. Our experience spans across different sectors, ranging from energy production to aviation. Additionally, we tailor small business solutions and provide geospatial insight to find opportunities for your business to grow and develop.


Check out some of our past projects below.


Field Geo Services

FGS chose geodav.tech to create an online platform through which geologists could analyze, annotate, and manipulate complex well data collaboratively in real-time, allowing both field and office personnel to make faster and more informed decisions. This web application is currently being used at well sites across the United States and has processed more than 30 million well log records.​​


Mercatus wanted to visualize the global distribution of their alternative energy projects in order to establish regional trends and calculate the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions avoided. We created a web application to gather the data from their existing analytics platforms, put it on an interactive map, and compute the relevant metrics from it.​

Town of Telluride

We helped the Town of Telluride's Public Works Department configure and deploy their Esri GIS systems, providing town employees with confidence that the data on their maps is authoritative and up-to-date. Information about critical water infrastructure is now available to field workers for editing and updating while out of the office on their mobile devices.​

Passur Aerospace

PASSUR tasked us with analyzing population data and selected airport locations to create an interactive mapping application through which they could determine the quantity of people living within a given distance of an airport. The flexibility of this application equipped them with the tools they needed to operate independently and create maps of single airports on their own.​


Here’s the crew assembled. We’re into sharing the air and throwing ideas around in a cool, collaborative environment. That means we see no benefit to outsourcing any work we do for you. Everything stays in-house to give you fresh, genuine solutions–straight from the people that care.


Mike Davlantes

Software Engineer

Shawn Pacarar

Software Engineer
Tim Profile

Tim McGreer

Project Manager


Click the map to test one of our projects.

The Colorado National Monument Climb Map was developed by geodav.tech. If you wish to directly test one of our products, this is a good example to begin with. Be sure to message us if you’d like to see more or have any questions about what we can do for your business or organization.